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Deciding Whether and How to File? Key Things to Remember..

Here are two things for people to keep in mind as they prepare to file their taxes:

Who is Required to File. In most cases, income, filing status and age determine if a taxpayer must file a tax return. Other rules may apply if the taxpayer is self-employed or if they are a dependent of another person. For example, if a taxpayer is single and younger than age 65, they must file if their income was at least $10,400. There are other instances when a taxpayer must file. Contact Us Today! for more information.

Filing to get a refund. Even if a taxpayer doesn’t have to file, they should file a tax return if they can get money back. If a taxpayer answers “yes” to any of these questions, they could be due a refund:

Did my employer withhold federal income tax from my pay?

Did I make estimated tax payments?

Did I overpay last year and have it applied to this year’s tax?

All taxpayers should keep a copy of their tax return.

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